Microsoft upgrades Xbox One internal hard drive to 1TB with CoD: AW console

Zac Bowden

CoD console

Microsoft has today announced a brand new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One console bundle which is set to drop this fall. The bundle includes a customized Call of Duty console, the day one edition of game, and a headset. What’s particular about this bundle is that Microsoft has upgraded the hard drive inside the console from 500GB to 1TB. That’s a pretty hefty upgrade.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced that this upgrade will be coming to standard consoles, and we doubt it will anytime soon. This 1TB HDD is most likely a selling point for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare console bundle, which could drive sales through the roof. As someone who’s already struggling for space on the standard 500GB console, I would much rather purchase this bundle.

Who knows though, Microsoft could eventually add the 1TB hard drive to the standard console, which would make non-Call of Duty fans very happy indeed. In the meantime however, will you consider this exclusive bundle? Leave us your comments below and let us know!