Microsoft announces major Xbox One Dashboard Update arriving in the coming months

Zac Bowden

Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft has today announced at Gamescom 2014 that a number of new Xbox One Dashboard feature are arriving on the console in the coming months which will further add additional functionality to both the TV and Games sides of device. New features include a new mini Guide, boot to TV, stream TV to phone/tablet and much much more.

The upcoming updates are set to be some of the biggest updates the console is to receive yet. Users who are in the preview program will soon be able to test out the ability to stream Live TV from your Xbox One to your phone or tablet via SmartGlass, along with the ability to finally view a mini guide on the Xbox One which displays the time, what’s on and what’s next with the additional ability to channel surf.

The Xbox One will also be able to boot straight to TV, something avid TV watchers are going to enjoy greatly. As someone who uses their Xbox One as a primary TV box, this is a great feature indeed. On the gaming side, threaded messages, a new friends tab and a new Snap Center are all coming to the console too. The Snap Center will allow you to easily contorl what apps are snapped at a current time, and the new friends tab will appear on your Dashboard.

All these updates and more will be available for preview users this month, and will launch for everyone over the coming months. Are you in the preview program? Are you excited about any of these features? Leave us your comments below!