Microsoft updates Outlook app for Android, adds fixes based on user feedback


Microsoft has rolled out an update for its Outlook app for Android, adding fixes and features based on user feedback. Microsoft rolled out the new Outlook app for Android about a month ago and it was a long time coming.

Microsoft hasn’t provided details on exactly what was updated, but we would obviously imagine it would be bug fixes. According to the change-log on Google Play, this update adds filters for unread and flagged messages, as well as conversation threading and the ability to mark messages as junk. However, it is not clear if this change-log applies to today’s update.

Back in November of 2012, Microsoft released an app for Android. Immediately, you could notice that the app was outdated and features styles from an older version of the Android operating system. The bottom like was, the app sucked. However, just last month, Microsoft rolled out a new revamped app. The new Outlook app for Android is a complete overhaul with numerous new features compared to the previous version of the app and provides the great Outlook experience on your Android device.