Bing News now showcases news longer than two weeks, features a new visual carousel



Microsoft has done a lot of work and improvement to its Bing Search engine as of late, adding numerous new features. Today, Microsoft revealed an update to Bing News, providing an index of news for longer than two weeks and a new visual carousel.

“Starting today, you can search for a notable person in current events and not only see the top news results from across the web, but also a visual carousel which allows you to explore important and timely topics related to the specific person you’re searching for,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.” Microsoft wants there to be a “deep understanding” of current events, showcasing the people that matter and how relationships play out.

Bing News visual carousel

Microsoft has also added the ability for Bing to showcase news going back several years, rather than just two weeks. “We recently extended our news articles index beyond two weeks. This means when there’s no fresh news related to a given query, we can look back over several years to bring you any relevant articles,” Microsoft explained. Microsoft calls this a “significant” update to Bing News and this update along with the visual carousel will provide a “deeper understanding” of the world.

Head over to’s News section to check out the new features.