Microsoft Update Catalog gets secure with HTTPS connection

Kevin Okemwa

Photo of Windows Update settings in Windows 10

Microsoft finally supports hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) protocol downloads on the Microsoft Update Catalogue. Previously updates were provided using HTTP, which came with its fair share of setbacks. (via Windows Central)

This new transition to HTTPS is secure compared to HTTP, in the sense that it is encrypted and shields you from potential attacks, and keeps your information safe. Dr. Windows spotted this change, however, it is not yet established as to why Microsoft has decided to pick up the HTTPS format for their downloads after sticking with HTTP for a long period.

The switch to HTTPS will now apply when you are manually downloading the files for Windows updates, new Windows builds, new drivers, and hotfixes for PC from the Microsoft Update Catalogue. You can now freely get these downloads while using any modern browser without depending on any workarounds, as the previous HTTP protocol meant that some browsers might have blocked downloads.