Creating tasks in Microsoft To Do just got a lot more natural

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft is now incorporating both smart due date and reminder recognition into Microsoft To Do on Windows. This feature is going to provide a fast and convenient way for users of the app to add due dates, reminders, and repeat information by naturally typing all the necessary information in a task title.

As part of the feature, the application will automatically detect and highlight the relevant information and incorporate it into the task. However, there might be some instances when the app picks up the wrong information. Here you will need to hit the backspace key on the highlighted word and it will be unrecognized, This feature is available on To Do Windows app for English languages only. See below for a GIF of how it works.

Remember, Microsoft To Do is a cloud-based application that is used to help you manage your tasks from your cellphone, tablet, or PC, therefore, it will be quite interesting to see how well this new feature enhances its functionality You can check out Microsoft’s blog post to get a detailed account of how to use this feature effectively and efficiently.