Microsoft to unveil “Windows 9” later today, here’s the details

Zac Bowden


It’s September 30th everyone. Later today, Microsoft is expected to unveil “Windows 9” to technology enthusiasts and journalists. The event was rumored to be happening about a month ago, and now the day is finally here. If you’re wondering what to expect from today’s event, here’s everything you need to know.

Time and live stream?

The event will kick off at 10am PST, which is about 6PM here in London. There will be no live stream, meaning you’ll have to rely on live-blogs and WinBeta’s own coverage. We’ll be posting all the latest as it happens from the event, so you won’t miss a single thing.

What will be announced?

Microsoft is expected to unveil the foundations to what a “Windows 9” will be in 2015 — today. The company will talk about a Technology Preview for Enterprise users, which focuses primarily on the desktop and its features. Microsoft will talk about the new Start Menu, Windowed apps, and more new desktop features and enhancements.

Will there be a preview?

While Microsoft is set to unveil a new preview for technology enthusiasts and enterprise users, the idea is Microsoft will not be releasing it today. Rumors claim the preview will be coming in early October (which starts tomorrow). Let’s hope Microsoft is planning for October 1st!

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about today’s September 30th event. Today’s unveiling of Windows 9 is not a product launch, which is why Microsoft is trying to play it on the down low by not live streaming and not having a massive event. Microsoft will be posting their own press-release and blog posts on their official channels after the event too.