AdDuplex: Windows Phone 8.1 running on almost 40% of devices, Lumia 630 continues to rise

Hammad Saleem

Windows Phone

AdDuplex, an app advertising agency, has revealed their Windows Phone statistics for the month of September which shows the performance of Microsoft’s operating system in several parts of the globe. Starting with the Windows Phone 8.1, according to their latest report, Windows Phone 8.1 market share has increased — it’s running on 39.1 percent of Windows Phone devices across the globe, a rise of 14.7 percent compared to last month. It’s followed by Windows Phone 8 on 45.7 percent of devices, while over 15 percent are still running the old Windows Phone 7 operating system.

As far as the OEMs are concerned, Nokia — now a part of Microsoft — is still the leading Windows Phone manufacturer with 95.14 percent share, followed by the likes of Samsung, HTC, and Huawei. We may get to see this number fall in the coming months since many low-end OEMs have launched a number of Windows Phone handsets, especially in emerging markets like India and China. Micromax and Prestigio have been spotted in the list of OEMs for this month, and we may get to see them capture more market share due to their budget-friendly offerings.

As you may have expected, the Lumia 520 continues to reign supreme with a 30.6 percent share, with the Lumia 630 moving up the ladder, claiming the fourth spot worldwide. The second and third spot remains the same for this month as well, with Lumia 625 and 920, respectively. 

AdDuplex: Windows Phone 8.1 running on almost 40% of devices, Lumia 630 continues to rise

The new Lumia 630 is much more successful in the US, residing at third spot with 9.7 percent, while the top two contenders are the Lumia 520 and 521 with over 50 percent market. Furthermore, Lumia 635 is also present in the top ten devices, with 3.7 percent share in the US. It’s not just the US, Lumia 630 has gained in several other European markets, as well as India. What’s a little surprising is that Lumia 1320 has claimed the eighth spot in India with over 3 percent share.