Microsoft tortures its hardware in new ‘On The Whiteboard’ video

Zac Bowden

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s new ‘On the Whiteboard’ series aims to give an insight to some of the ongoings inside Microsoft, and this week On the Whiteboard presenter Pamela Woon takes us on an adventure through the Microsoft torture chambers, home to the demise of products like the Surface.

We’ll be honest, they’re not really ‘torture chambers’, more torture labs if you will. Either way, in this dark part of Redmond many Microsoft products are thrown, smacked, bashed, punched, shot, dropped, soaked, bent and more. It’s a scary part of Microsoft headquarters.

The labs are designed to test the durability of hardware, allowing Microsoft to see what products like the Surface can withstand. It’s common for companies to put their hardware through its paces before putting them on the market as it allows them to make their hardware stronger to withstand more damage.

Check out the video below and try not to squeal at some of Microsoft’s awesome products getting thrown about.