Microsoft To Do app updates on Android and iOS with sync improvements and loads of fixes

Brad Stephenson

The iOS and Android versions of the Microsoft To Do app each received updates recently that were designed to improve the overall user experience.
The iOS app update improved the syncing of data between devices and also fixed some language and UI bugs.

Here’s the full release notes for the iOS update:

  • We’re constantly working on our sync, and we’ve made a lot of improvements in this update.
  • For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages our smart due dates weren’t working correctly. We’ve fixed that now.
  • We fixed an issue where the UI didn’t update if a task was deleted when you were in search results.
  • Our header colors were not changing correctly… now they do.
  • We made a number of accessibility fixes, including announcing that file is not downloaded if an attachment hasn’t downloaded yet. We also hide the sidebar scroller when VoiceOver is on.

The Android app update added the Today section to suggestions and also fixed a rather frustrating bug that was deleting and duplicating notes.

Here’s the full release notes for the Android app update:

  • There’s a new Today section in suggestions in My Day. See what’s due today and quickly add it to My Day.
  • When you searched for a task you may have noticed that the tags on Steps weren’t clickable. We’ve fixed that.
  • We made some design adjustments to make the notes preview better, along with giving a new look and feel to your list options.
  • We fixed a number of small bugs, including one where sentences in your notes were disappearing or being duplicated.

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