Microsoft Stream video app gets a major update for iOS and Android users

Brad Stephenson

The relatively new Microsoft Stream app got a rather major update today on iOS and Android which added a massive amount of new functionality to the Office 365 video tool that now grants users with the ability to properly edit and record media directly within the app.

Here’s the full update release notes which are identical for both Android and iOS:

Capture, swap, annotate, and trim, oh my!

You can now:

  • harness the power of your camera to record real-time video
  • swap between rear- and front-facing cameras while recording
  • annotate before, during, or after a recording
  • make stickers from photos
  • view clips in chronological order
  • drag-n-drop any clip to your recording to stitch into a new order
  • trim to shorten the overall length
  • access all uploaded videos from your company’s servers through the app

Microsoft Stream is a video app designed for Office 365 users that allows them to create and edit videos and photos within the secure Office ecosystem without having to use a third-party service.

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