Microsoft Teams Together mode and content share layout improvement

Devesh Beri

Microsoft announced on their Microsoft 365 roadmap that a new layout for Together mode and content share is coming to Microsoft Teams in December 2023.

With the new layout, Together mode will be displayed under the shared content, allowing users to see both the participants in Together mode and the shared content simultaneously. The full Together mode experience, including raised hands, reactions, and name labels, will be available in the new layout.

View shared content and participants in Together mode simultaneously, with features like raised hands, reactions, and name labels.

Feature ID 181615 was added to the Microsoft Teams roadmap on Oct 19, 2023. This update will bring significant improvements to the user experience, focusing on the Together mode and content-sharing layouts in Microsoft Teams. The new layout is available for Mac and desktop users worldwide (standard multi-tenant), GCC, GCC High, and DoD cloud instances.

This update will be available in December 2023, bringing a better collaboration experience to Microsoft Teams. It includes improved integration of Together mode and content sharing, making the platform more intuitive and effective.

Overall, Microsoft Teams now allows simultaneous viewing of Together mode and shared content with raised hands and reactions. This update is accessible on Mac and Desktop platforms and will be available in December 2023, making virtual meetings more effective and engaging.