Microsoft Teams meetings now support human-generated live captions from CART providers

Rabia Noureen

Teams Video Conference Cropped 1

Microsoft Teams is getting support for human-generated live captions in meetings, which are now an alternative to the existing free AI-based live captions available in the app. Meeting organizers can now set up CART captioning during a meeting and invite a person who will provide real-time text of everything that is said during a meeting.

If you’re unfamiliar, CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is a service in which a certified professional listens to speech and instantaneously translates it to text. Real-time captions from CART providers will appear directly within the meeting window in Teams, just like the regular AI-based captions.

To enable this feature, organizers will first need to head to the meeting options page, turn on the “Provide CART Captions” toggle, and click the Save button. Then, they’ll need to copy the CART caption link and email it to the CART captioner. Once enabled, organizers can click the ( . . .) button at the top of the meeting window and select the turn on live captions option. All meeting participants will now see the real-time captions at the bottom of the screen.

CART captioning can be particularly useful in situations where it’s challenging for the speech recognition software to identify specialized terminologies and different accents. Let us know in the comments below if you think this new CART captioning support is good news for Teams users who spend a lot of time in meetings.