All you need to know about Microsoft’s .NET Conf 2021, happening now

Maourice Gonzalez

dotnet conference 2021

The largest .NET event of the year is upon us and it is packed with awesome news. Various teams are Microsoft have been hard at work on .NET 6 and tooling necessary to make it all come together. From Visual Studio to SQL and Azure, its all coming together to make your windows, web, mobile and cross-platform development dreams a reality. Here is what you can expect from this event. It all starts Today November 9th at 8AM PST.

November 9, Day 1

A few days ago we got a glimpse at what SQL Server 2022 has in store for us in the near future. Yesterday we were treated to the general availability release of Visual Studio 2022, and to top it all of today Microsoft is officially launching .NET 6. Day 1 is primarily focused on .NET 6 announcements and you will get a chance to listen to Scott Hunter and other members of the team at 8AM PST.

November 10, Day 2

To keep things going, day 2 of the event is packed with sessions to show you just what’s possible with .NET 6. There are sessions about building apps for Microsoft Teams, leveraging Azure Functions to create serverless apps and more. The day is packed with back to back sessions covering a wide range of topics you won’t want to miss.

November 11, Day 3

Day 3 brings more of what you got to experience on day 2, with a mix of live sessions and presentations. I know I am looking forward to the “Learn Live” and “Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 6” sessions.

How to participate

This three day event is jam packed with announcements and live sessions. It will be almost impossible to watch them all, so my suggestion is to head over to the event site and mark your calendar for the topics that interest you the most.

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