Microsoft Teams app updates on Android and iOS with several new features for users

Brad Stephenson

The iOS and Android versions of the Microsoft Teams app both updated today with several new features that will bring extra functionality and usability to all users.

Among the more noteworthy new additions include the ability to turn on live captions during a group call or meeting, the option to add music when PSTN callers are on hold, and support for vibration and tone alerts for incoming calls received while in the middle of another call.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Turn on live captions during a meeting or group call
  • View shared content when you join a meeting via a cellular phone call
  • PSTN callers will hear music while they are on hold
  • Get a link to channels to share with others
  • Long press the app icon for a shortcut to make a call
  • Get a tone and vibration alert for incoming calls while on a call
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Microsoft Teams is a popular tool used by companies to improve communication and collaboration between employees. The service has gained increasing popularity these past few weeks due to the Covid19 (or Corona) pandemic and recently hit the 44 million user milestone.

We’ve recently begun creating a plethora of how-to articles for new and existing Microsoft Teams users to help people during this time of increased remote working. Make sure to check them all out here.

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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
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‎Microsoft Teams
‎Microsoft Teams
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