Corona Virus delays Star Wars Battlefront II video game’s major Battle of Scarif update

Brad Stephenson

The popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game was set to receive a rather significant update this week which was going add a variety of new content for players to consume.

Named, the Battle of Scarif Update, this free update would have added the planet Scarif to Supremacy and other game modes and also brought Original Trilogy content to Supremacy. Due to the international Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic forcing DICE employees to work from home though, the update has been delayed until sometime next month.

“The Star Wars team have now moved away from our office setup and into our homes,” an official statement from the game’s community manager, Ben Walke reads. “Work continues on the game but the adjustment from the office environment into our homes has caused some knock-on effects to our workflows. We’re currently streamlining these processes and adapting as we move forward.

“As a result of this we have decided to move the release of the Battle on Scarif Update to Mid-April. This is our new target time-frame but as the situation continues to develop, we will keep you posted on any further timing adjustments.”

While this is definitely disappointing, it’s also incredibly understandable and DICE deserves credit for taking self-isolation seriously.

As a small consolation to players, some hints as to additional content coming to Star Wars Battlefront II in April are made in the post. More locations seem set to come to Co-Op and Heroes Vs Villains and new skins for Hero characters are planned. While specific characters aren’t mentioned, the use of the phrase “What fun!” pretty much confirms at least one new skin will be for Darth Maul. (It’s a line he says in one of the Star Wars animated series and has become a bit of a meme with fans online.)

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