Microsoft takes a shot at Apple OS X with new Windows 10 ads

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has launched a new set of Windows 10 ads that are showcasing new features like Cortana, Windows Hello and touchscreen capabilities. Featuring the “Bug Chicks”, two women trying to change the way kids think about bugs, these new ads display some old “Mac vs. Windows” vibe as in each of these ads you can hear these women say “even on the new Mac’s, they don’t have that.”

In the following three shorter versions, you can see how Cortana helps users get to specific photos faster, log into a PC using your face and Windows Hello and sketching on PowerPoint slides using your finger on a touchscreen PC.  It’s true that we have yet to see Macs featuring touchscreens and Siri, as the iOS digital assistant which has been released with the iPhone 4S in 2011 has yet to make the jump to Mac OS X.

It’s interesting to discover these new Windows 10 ads after Microsoft launched a fan-focused ad campaign celebration alongside Windows 10 release last July. Please tell us what you think of these ads in the comments!