Microsoft Store to open right across from Apple


Microsoft confirmed on Facebook that the company is planning to open a retail store in the University Village in Seattle. The interesting thing is, this new Microsoft Store will open directly across the parking lot from Apple’s Store. Uhoh, talk about going head-to-head with your competitor!

The location for this new store is a perfect marketing and sales strategy. The store is located in the University Village, which is a mall close by to the University of Washington campus. We already know that new college arrivals will check out the Village for their school needs. The Microsoft store is expected to open later this year, just in time for the new undergraduates’ arrivals.

With both stores being located right across from each other, it will be interesting which store attracts the college crowd? Remember that “Back to school” offering Apple and Microsoft had? Apple was offering a $100 gift card to the Mac Store/iTunes while Microsoft offered an Xbox 360 with the purchase of a PC greater than $699. 80% of students eventually preferred a Mac over a PC by going with Apple’s offering.

Zack Whittaker over at ZDNet is taking bets that many college students will flock over to the Apple Store first, then go over to the Windows Store for a bargain. What do you guys think?