Android Still Dominating, Owns 39% of Smartphone Market


Google’s Android mobile operating system continues to be the number one smartphone operating system in the United States, according to data from Nielsen. Android is number one at 39% while Apple is in second place with a 28% share. What about Windows Phone 7 you ask? It barely makes the 9% mark.

june 2011 smartphone share

According to data from Nielsen, Google’s Android OS claims the largest share of the US Smartphone market with a 39% share. Google can thank manufacturers like HTC, whose Android phones represent 14% of the smartphone market, and Motorola, whose Android devices are owned by 11% of smartphone consumers. Samsung’s Android devices attributes to 8% of smartphone owners.

Apple’s iOS retains a 28% market share, while RIM’s BlackBerry is down to 20%. Windows Phone 7 barely makes the 9% mark.

Compared to data from a few months ago, Android’s shares are up by 3%, Apple is up 2%, and RIM is down 3%.

Apple, obviously, is still the number one phone manufacturer due to the fact that the company controls the software and the hardware for its smartphone platform. While Android may be the top mobile operating system based on market share, the Apple iPhone is still the number one smartphone.