Microsoft soon to announce operator billing option for apps and games purchased in India


Microsoft to soon announce operator billing option for apps and games purchase in India

Very soon, people living in India will be able to purchase Microsoft apps and games via their mobile accounts. The US technology company is reportedly in talks with several Indian telecom operators to bring out this feature in the coming months.

At a Windows Phone 8.1 launch event, Vineet Durani, Microsoft India Director for Windows Phone category announced this news. “We are in the process of announcing a telecom operator for the above facility within the next few months”.

As of now Microsoft is offering operator billing solutions in over 30 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. In India, users only have the option to choose from credit/debit card to complete the transactions.

Support for operator billing could prove very useful, as in India, the number of credit card users isn’t a lot. Many ventures including DittoTV and Paytm recently added this feature too.