Microsoft shows off impressive HoloLens / translation / avatar demo at Inspire keynote

Kip Kniskern

hololens demo

Microsoft is in Las Vegas this week for its annual partner conference, Inspire, and at today’s keynote, featuring CEO Satya Nadella and President and chief legal officer Brad Smith, the company showed off an impressive demo featuring HoloLens and Microsoft’s Azure TTS (text to speech) services.

Corporate Vice President Julia White donned a HoloLens onstage and showed off her holographic double, created in a studio and trained by voice to look, sound and move like its real life counterpart. Here’s a quick look via a video shared on Twitter:

While Microsoft didn’t go into details about the efforts that went into the creation and training of the avatar, it was still perhaps the most impressive demonstration of HoloLens technology yet. Microsoft went on to demo more HoloLens technology with Azure Spatial Anchors, and demoed Minecraft Earth.