Microsoft shows off new multiple desktop tool called Task View in Windows 10

Joseph Finney

Microsoft shows off new multiple desktop tool called Task View in Windows 10

At the unveiling of Windows 10, Microsoft spoke about productivity and doing more than one thing at once. Now with Windows 10, users can run Universal apps next to traditional desktop apps. This enables more multitasking between apps. In addition to this, Microsoft has included Task View into Windows 10 which is a virtual desktop manager.

Task View is launched from the task bar and enables users to create different arrangements of their running apps. You can also swipe from the left to get task view, which is ideal for touch users. This lets users have more apps set up how they like them and easily switching between them.

Microsoft shows off new Snap Assist

In addition to managing multiple desktops Task View also augments snapping. This is called Snap Assist. With Snap Assist users can more easily snap different windows in any arrangement. Having 2 apps take half the screen while stacked vertically then have another app on the other half of the screen is now easier. Users are prompted with a UI which allows them to pick from running apps to snap into place.

With Windows 10 Microsoft seems to be going in the exact opposite direction with UI as they did with Windows 8. In Windows 10, Microsoft is adding buttons to make UI more discoverable and easier for everyday users to find and use. This is important because it shows they have acknowledged the majority of their users don’t take full advantage of Windows.

In addition to adding UI elements, Microsoft also seems to be streamlining common workflows. When Aero Snap was introduced in Windows 7 it became a welcome feature because it was so natural and common to want to use two windows at once without having them overlap. Now Windows 10 takes Snap to the next obvious level by suggesting other open apps to snap after you snap one. Also enabling four apps to be snapped automatically. Combined with Task View, Snap Assist will make window management fast and easy.