Microsoft: The Charms Bar is there in Windows 10, but it will change

Zac Bowden


Microsoft has announced today that the upcoming Windows 10 will include a different iteration of the Charms bar, hopefully one that will still benefit touch users whilst being out of the way for desktop users. Not much details were revealed regarding this, however it’s good to know Microsoft aren’t giving up on touch just yet.

Joe Belfiore said on stage: “the way we’re going to evolve this touch UI, I expect that Charms bar to change.” Microsoft isn’t dropping support for touch with Windows 10, meaning you’ll still have access to those charms, for now.

How Microsoft plans to change up the Charms bar remains to be seen, we do know that they’ve improved the Charms for mouse users by moving it into a little menu in the title bar of a window.

Microsoft will speak more about the new Charms bar at a later date, but for now though you can be rest assured that the Charms bar is staying where it is for touch users.

Image Credit: The Verge