Microsoft set to further improve OneDrive for Windows Phone UI after some complaints

Zac Bowden


Microsoft recently launched an update for its OneDrive for Windows Phone app, which introduced a brand new user-interface which included new functionality. The launch of this new update was met with a lot of complaints from users as the UI was found to be somewhat confusing. Microsoft is aware of this backlash from users and has announced that they are working to further improve the UI for the OneDrive app.

In a statement made on the dedicated OneDrive UserVoice forums, Microsoft said:

“We’ve heard the feedback on the new UI in our latest update to the Windows Phone app. We’re in the process of improving the usability and polish of our app. Expect to see changes in our next update.”]

Long story short, Microsoft will improve the app UI to make it less confusing for users. How Microsoft plan on doing this remains to be seen, as the company has not given any specific details. There’s no ETA on when the update for the OneDrive app will launch, but expect it to be soon.

We personally like the new OneDrive UI here at WinBeta, however we understand that we’re not everyone. What do you think of the new OneDrive UI for Windows Phone? Leave us your comments below!