Microsoft to issue four new security patches for Windows 10 Technical Preview on Tuesday

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Microsoft is set to issue four new security patches this coming Patch Tuesday for users running the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The updates, which are set to enhance security of the operating system will be pushed out via Windows Update, and included is an update to the Windows Malicious Removal Tool.

These new security patches aren’t uncommon, as Microsoft has been issuing security enhancements to all it’s operating systems on the second Tuesday of every month for a long time now. These patches are usually security related, however sometimes they include new features and bug fixes too.

You can check for these updates via Windows Updates this coming Tuesday (November 11), or let Windows Update do it automatically when it’s automated to do so. Microsoft is expected to issue out a new Technical Preview build within the next few weeks too, which should include even more improvements to the operating system.