Microsoft Sales Copilot – here is what’s new in October ’23

Devesh Beri


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Microsoft Sales Copilot is a tool designed to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of sales professionals by integrating with Microsoft 365 and Teams. Here are some of the new features and improvements announced for Sales Copilot in October 2023.

  • Save email summaries to admin-configured record types: This will give sellers more flexibility in how they use email summaries to keep their CRM up to date and keep their teams informed.
  • Suggested email content: Usability improvements: The new placeholder text and bubble to highlight where adjustments can be made will make it easier for sellers to use suggested email content to create effective and efficient communications with customers.
  • Improved connected record search with record type filter: This will help sellers quickly and easily find the records they need, even when many different record types are enabled for use within Sales Copilot.
  • Enriched customer insights with (Public Preview for Salesforce): This integration will give sellers valuable insights into their customer relationships, which they can use to strategize more effectively around each deal.
  • Enriched meeting summaries with Viva Topics (Public Preview): This will help sellers quickly and easily understand the key takeaways from any Teams meeting, which they can use to inform their next steps.

These updates aim to make the sales process more efficient, informative, and streamlined by integrating AI and customer data directly into the workflow of sales professionals.