Microsoft rolls out Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 support worldwide

Kevin Okemwa

phone link

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft announced Phone Link for iOS in preview. The update was designed to let iOS users make calls, send messages, and even check notifications directly from a Windows 11 PC.

The company has now announced it is rolling out a new Phone Link for iOS update to all Windows 11 customers in 39 languages across 85 countries.

According to Microsoft:

Once enabled by the Windows 11 customer, Phone Link for iOS will offer basic iOS support for calls, messages and access to contacts. This means if your phone is tucked away during a presentation or focus time, you’ll receive notifications on your Windows PC and can choose which action to take – all on your Windows 11 PC. Need access to your iPhone photos on your PC? Our iCloud integration with Photos makes this a simple process – all within the Photos app in Windows 11.

It should be noted that this rollout will be done in phases, meaning not all users will be able to access it immediately. Microsoft has indicated that all Windows 11 users should have access to the iPhone support in Phone Link by mid-May.

We have a separate guide detailing how you can link your iPhone to your Windows PC using Phone Link. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.