Microsoft reveals known hiccups in Windows 11 Copilot, promises swift fixes

Priya Walia


Microsoft’s AI assistant, Windows 11 Copilot, has arguably received mixed reviews due to numerous bugs, particularly for those reliant on the Narrator.

User frustration surrounding Copilot’s performance is understandable, considering it is still in its early stages of development. However, it doesn’t lessen the irritation experienced by users. Fortunately there is a silver lining amidst the discontent. Microsoft has not only acknowledged the existence of these bugs but has also publicly addressed them.

In the support notes for the September update, which introduced Copilot to the masses, Microsoft openly admits to three specific issues related to the AI assistant in the Windows preview.

Firstly, the Narrator fails to function properly with challenge-response tests like Captcha, causing inconvenience for users. Secondly, it incorrectly identifies the name of the “remove an image” button, leading to confusion. Lastly, it fails to announce the name of the dialog or buttons for a particular skill.

Another problem arises when users attempt to change the keyboard focus by pressing the Tab key while in the chat input box; this action proves ineffective. Additionally, if an image is added to the chat input box, the Narrator fails to notify the user of its addition, exacerbating the frustration.

Unfortunately, Microsoft currently doesn’t have any solutions or workarounds for these issues. However, the tech giant is actively working on resolving the problems and promises to provide an update in an upcoming release.

We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

While Copilot’s buggy performance is undeniably disappointing, Microsoft’s transparency in acknowledging the issues brings a sense of reassurance to users. The hope now lies in Microsoft’s commitment to rectifying these bugs and enhancing the user experience with Copilot.