Microsoft to reveal Windows Phone 10 features alongside Windows 10 Consumer Preview in late January

Zac Bowden

Windows Phone 10

Last week, WinBeta exclusively revealed a number of new features which are set to make an appearance with the Consumer Preview in 2015. Within that story, we mentioned that Windows Phone 10 was also in the plans for an unveiling alongside Windows 10, which was also confirmed by The Verge recently.

Microsoft recently stated issuing Windows Phone 10 to partners. The first Windows Phone 10 build that was issued was 8.15.xxxxx, notice how the build number is 8.15 and not 10.0. Windows Phone is yet to catch up with the NT kernel change, and WinBeta is unable to confirm whether the build number will jump from 8.15 to 10.0 anytime soon.

Still, Windows Phone 10 is slated for an unveiling alongside the Windows 10 Consumer Preview in late January. Microsoft should talk about how Windows Phone and Windows 10 are the same in the Consumer Preview, and we’re expecting a preview for phones to be released alongside the Consumer Preview as well, hopefully at the same time.

Details about the features within Windows Phone 10 still remain scarce, as the most recent builds of Windows Phone 10 which have been issued to partners are still very similar to Windows Phone 8.1. We understand that throughout the month of December and early January, Windows 10 will see many new features get implemented for the Consumer Preview. Perhaps the same will happen to Windows Phone 10.

We’ll have more on this as it develops, so keep an eye on WinBeta!