Fitness tracker GOQii releases its official Windows Phone app


Fitness tracker GOQii releases its official Windows Phone app on Windows Phone Store

GOQii is a fitness band which unlike any other health tracking device in the market offers a personalized coach — a real health physician — that checks your daily activity, analyzes your lifestyle, and provides insightful tips. The fitness band has become fairly popular in India, and in just a couple of months after releasing its app (GOQii) on Android and iOS, the company has now launched a stable version of the service on Windows Phone as well.

The service was already available on the Store, but it was in beta. The company later closed that beta, but now it has launched a more sophisticated version of the app to the Store. The Windows Phone client of the service — much like its Android and iOS counterpart — lets you log your calorie intake, track your steps, and keep an eye on your sleep cycle, among other features.

The app also offers a chat screen to allow users to chat with their personal coach. As WPCentral notes, it is not possible to edit the food log yet, so it is in your best interest if you don’t make any typos, or else it will remain that way. You can grab the app from the download link below.