Microsoft responds to recent Xbox One OS mess rumors

Zac Bowden

Xbox One Dashboard

It’s no secret that the Xbox One team is hard at work preparing for launch, with recent rumors claiming that behind the scenes the Xbox One OS was a complete mess, many were beginning to doubt that Microsoft were ready to launch on November 22nd. Today, Microsoft has responded to these rumors, claiming it isn’t as bad as it’s been put out to be.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello has responded to a user on Reddit regarding the recent rumors, claiming that “There is a really bizarre phenomenon going on right now where the frenzy for news, drama, and behind-the-scenes dealings is clouding logic and reason. There is nothing going on behind the scenes nearly as interesting as everyone would like to believe. We are a month away from launch, and people are working hard to finalize the last of the bugs. There are still a lot things left to be done.”

Recent rumors were claiming that the Xbox One OS still had a number of game breaking problems, many developers and game testers were reporting that Xbox One had issues with its snap ability, Xbox LIVE service and apps management. It appears the rumors were a bit over-the-top.

Of course, Microsoft is still yet to release a detailed video of the new dashboard. The company released a quick look video of the dashboard the other day, but Microsoft has admitted that what’s seen in the video isn’t exactly true to the actual user experience.

For example, the Activity Feed seen in the video doesn’t look like that at all, instead of being an overlay, it snaps to the side of the screen, much like a Windows 8 app, and that switching between Movies and Games wouldn’t be as fast as it is seen if the player doesn’t already have either the Movie or Game running.