Microsoft launches the Windows Insider Program alongside Windows 10 preview (Download Now)

Zac Bowden

Microsoft has unveiled the download links to the Windows 10 Technical Preview, meaning the public can now access, download and install the latest bits from Microsoft. For those who are planning on installing the Windows Technical Preview, we must stress that this software is pre-release material which means it’s unfinished and could be buggy.

The Windows Technical Preview has been designed for Enterprises in mind, however anyone who is interested in helping Microsoft with feedback for the next version of Windows is welcome to participate. You can join the Windows Insider Program too, which will allow you to submit feedback directly to Microsoft from the Windows Technical Preview and gain access to pre-release builds of the operating system.

This preview is for x86 and x64 devices, and will not work on ARM based devices like the Surface RT or Surface 2. Microsoft intends on releasing a second preview at a later date which will focus on devices like the Surface RT, and will also run on some Windows Phones too.

Check out the download links below to get downloading the official Windows Technical Preview. We recommend you make a backup of your current installation if your planning on upgrading/overwriting your main system, as you will be unable to roll-back to Windows 8.x once the upgrade it complete. Again, this is pre-release software and therefore should not be used as production software.