Microsoft announces a new Office product — the presentation tool Sway

Joseph Finney

Microsoft announces a new Office product -- the presentation tool Sway

Today, Microsoft has announced a new presentation tool for Office called Sway. Continuing with their mobile first cloud first vision, this product works across platforms including the web. Sway is a multimedia presentation tool, which uses simple inputs and easy drag and drop functionality to create well designed presentations.

Sway can work with a range of input medias such as text, images, videos, tweets. Behind the scenes, Sway designs the content automatically. When viewing a Sway on different devices, the layout will change to adapt best to the device. Sway will also suggest colors based upon the content within the Sway. Users can choose from a variety of simple elegant templates which feature the content to make each presentation look completely unique. Sway takes the tedious designing out of great unique presentations.

Sharing content is essential in today’s connected world. With Sway, it is simple to share to Facebook, Twitter, email a link, or embed a Sway into a website. When a Sway is shared, it can be viewed in its full form on any browser on any device. This makes communicating ideas, stories, and information easy and interactive.

Today, Sway is in preview. Go to to sign up for early access to the product.

Here is an embedded Sway made by Microsoft.