Microsoft releases Windows Holographic 23H2 update; Here’s what’s new

Priya Walia

Microsoft recently released the latest major update for HoloLens devices, Windows Holographic 23H2 (22621.1244), bringing a host of new features and improvements.

Windows Holographic version 23H2 includes performance enhancements, making the operating system faster and more responsive. These improvements are expected to provide a better overall user experience.

In this update, HoloLens 2 users can look forward to a new and exciting feature – a viewfinder. The handy addition offers a real-time preview of what your device’s camera is capturing. The viewfinder ensures that users have a clear indication of what’s included in their image or video capture, making it easier to frame shots and ensure that nothing essential is left out.

The update also introduced several improvements and fixes across the board.

Another exciting functionality that comes with this update is NFC card reader support. Users can now conveniently log in to their HoloLens device by tapping their security card with NFC FIDO2 technology on the USB Type-C NFC card reader. The “tap & enter password” login feature enhances security and user convenience.

The latest update includes improved eye-tracking speed, especially for HoloLens 2 users who haven’t saved their eye-tracking calibration. Now, as soon as the user puts on the device, the eye position will update instantly, resulting in smoother close interactions.

In terms of the virtual keyboard, the update brings several enhancements. Voice input now has prompts and feedback, ensuring a seamless experience. Sliding input reliability has been improved, and keyboard suggestions and audio feedback have been optimized.

With Windows Holographic version 23H2, Microsoft brings new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. The update enhances user productivity, security, and overall satisfaction, making HoloLens devices even more powerful and versatile.