After 27 years of its existence, Microsoft deprecates VBScript for Windows 11 and 10

Devesh Beri

VBScript is being deprecated in Windows 11 and 10, after it first appeared 27 years ago. This means that it is no longer being actively developed by Microsoft and may be removed in a future update. Microsoft has not made any comments regarding the previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft has declared that they are discontinuing support for VBScript due to its status as a legacy scripting language, which is no longer as commonly used as it once was. We believe that the reason for this move is also partly due to security concerns as well and because of its aged nature.

If you are currently using VBScript in your environment, Microsoft recommends that you start migrating to a more modern scripting language, such as PowerShell.

Before you start migrating your VBScript scripts to a more modern language like PowerShell, it is important first to identify all the VBScript scripts currently in use in your environment. After identifying them, you should develop a migration plan and test it thoroughly to ensure that the migrated scripts function as intended. Once the testing is complete, deploy the migrated scripts to your production environment.

VBScript is the latest victim of Microsoft’s chopping block, alongside other features like WordPad and Cortana, which have been phased out.