Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 RC


Microsoft has rolled out Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 RC, addressing numerous issues reported via consumer feedback. You can download the update from this link. Microsoft encourages developers to continue providing feedback via the Send Feedback option in Visual Studio.

Here’s what’s been fixed:

  • Errors in the NuGet Package Manager Console that failed with “A task was canceled.”
  • Crashes due to null and/or invalid pointer reads.
  • Crashes some customers have encountered when opening a solution.
  • Reduced licensing failures and more actionable information when failures occur.
  • C++ projects load faster with improvements in UI delays.
  • Promotion of MSBuild warning MSB3644 (“The reference assemblies for framework {0} were not found”) to error status so incorrect target frameworks that give rise to this error will break a build.
  • Correction of problems in Visual Studio with ASP.NET after installing Update 2 CTP.

Here are the new improvements:

  • Visual Studio now shows Git SCC status in the status bar, and jumping to Changes, Sync, and Connect pages are just a single click away. This is all extensible by third party SCC providers.
  • Visual Studio now supports consuming TextMate snippets with IntelliSense completion by placing tmSnippet files into a snippet folder.
  • Improvements to the Application Insights search experience with the ability to jump to the code where a telemetry event was emitting, a search for related items, and a new experience to log data from apps.
  • C/C++ runtime library performance: we’ve improved the performance of a number of common operations. For example, extracting floating point numbers with iostreams is up to nineteen times faster. Certain string operations are also faster, especiallystd::string::replace when replacing same-sized substrings.