Rocket League for Xbox One gets Batmobile and more in latest update

Brad Stephenson

Rocket League for Xbox One gets Batmobile

The Xbox One video game, Rocket League, has updated with a host of improvements, bug fixes, and some promotional downloadable content (DLC) for the new movie, Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack includes a Battle-Car inspired by the famous Batmobile and three new antennae flags inspired by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Other added content has also been added such as a variety of community flags for players to represent their online group. One of the new flags is based on Microsoft’s Major Nelson.

The update also made a few changes to the game and has streamlined the user experience when switching profiles, fixes a few game crashing bugs, dealt with a bug that caused low-resolution textures to display, and refined the Traveller and SARPBC Forever Xbox Achievements. Online play has also seen several improvements.

Rocket League launched in February on Microsoft’s Xbox One and has already surpassed one million unique players on the console.