Microsoft and Rare issue first Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story video series installment

Michael Cottuli

Sea of Thieves is coming soon, leaving a ton of people wondering: what exactly is it? Many understand Sea of Thieves as a pirate game where you sail around with your friends, but many gamers would be forgiven for not knowing much else about Rare’s upcoming adventure MMO. To better educate everyone on what Sea of Thieves is going to be all about, the team at Rare have started releasing “Inn-side stories,” which are developer interviews that give you an inside look at the development of the game.

The first Inn-Side story tackles just about what you would expect, titling itself “What is Sea of Thieves?” The 3-minute long feature goes over what the game’s goals are, and how playtesters are reacting to the world that Rare built up. One of the developers remarks that, for him and his team, MMO means “Memorable Multiplayer Online” – and that mindset shows in the way the game is built.

Sort of like a less extreme version of the upcoming space game No Man’s Sky, running into another ship in Sea of Thieves is going to be something of a rare occurrence. When you run into another group of players, you’re going to remember that experience. It’s Rare’s goal to create a game where you’ll walk away not having just had a great time sailing across a gorgeous, stylized world, but you’ll have tons of stories to tell.

Maybe you stumble upon a town with some interesting people in it, maybe you fight off a Kraken, or go on a treasure hunt, or have your scramble your crew of friends together to battle another ship full of players on the wide open sea. Possibilities seem like they’re going to be near endless if the game delivers, so fingers are crossed for Rare to deliver on what they’re promising. The picture that’s being painted of Sea of Thieves is one that should get a lot of gamers excited and this “Inn-side story” series seems like an invaluable resource for those that want to continue learning about the game.