Microsoft publishes a second series of Windows 10 Anniversary Update highlight videos

Kareem Anderson

As the Windows 10 Anniversary Update continues into its second day of rollouts, the folks behind the more than 2,700 tweaks, improvements and new features in the release are taking to the screen to walk users through some of the biggest changes to Windows 10.

Yesterday, we mentioned that Microsoft was in the midst of releasing a series of video highlights of the new features coming with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, with the first being This Week on Windows where Chaitanya Sareen walked users through a myriad of new items in Windows 10.

Where Sareen’s video may have seemed a bit cut and dry in its presentation and are being released episodically like weekly television, Microsoft has also released a second series of videos hosted by an arguably much livelier Brian Roper, aka the Fedora Guy which can be viewed in a Netflix-like binge-style.

Perhaps, Microsoft’s intent was to offer viewers an option in presentation style, as both sets of video series appear to be aimed at the same goal, which is, educate users about the new features coming with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Whatever the case, this second series of videos has host Roper meeting with several Microsoft employees behind the features in Windows 10 and going over those additions in detail in a more interview-like setting.

In the first video, Roper interviews Brett Humprey to talk about Windows 10’s accessibility. Similar to the attention Apple gave accessibility during its WWDC conference, Humprey talks about the gains the Windows team has provided for users who rely on accessibility features.

In another video, Roper cracks jokes with Katherine Holdsworth in the flighting, feedback and self-hosting processing that mirrors the anecdotal assisting of parents navigating a modern operating system.

“I see a Windows Icon on the desk.”

“What does the icon look like?”

“It’s like a big giant blue one with lights.”

“Oh…I should have mentioned to you; it’s totally my fault. Go to the bottom left of your screen. Do you see the small four boxes? Ok. Click there.”

Roper also interviews Li Chen, the mind behind Windows 10 Anniversary Update’s Windows Ink feature and viewers get a bit of insight into her background and how it’s led to improved pen input in Windows 10.

Finally, Roper’s series of videos are capped with him giving a singular overview of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in his casually signature approach to presenting. Roper covers Edge extensions, four finger swipes, Cortana improvements and more in his solo video.

Depending on your preference in presentation, you can video the more casual explanations of keystone Windows 10 Anniversary Update highlights with the Fedora Guy or get more clinical deep dive into nuances of features with Sareen’s videos as they become available.