Microsoft pulled the Windows 10 November Update due to privacy setting bug

Zac Bowden

Microsoft has today detailed why they chose to pull the Windows 10 November Update from Windows Update and the Media Creation Tool over the weekend. Their initial comment regarding the situation claimed the company decided that all users needed to update via Windows Update, but it appears that was not the entire story.
Microsoft told WinBeta the update was pulled due to issues with privacy concerns. More specifically, upon installing the update, Windows would not remember the users had set privacy settings, meaning Windows would simply default them. While not a huge bug, it did raise a few privacy concerns amongst those upgrading.
The update was only pulled from Windows Update for Windows 10 users, as those users are the ones who were affected by this bug. Users upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 were unaffected.
Microsoft says they have now fixed this issue with a patch, and are in the process of putting the November Update back on Windows Update and Media Creation Tool, which is good news for those who are still waiting to upgrade to the November Update, released on the 12th of this month.
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