Celebrate Christmas with Minecraft on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack

Microsoft is tempting Xbox One owners to finally pick up the console’s version of Minecraft this holiday season with the release of a special software bundle. The Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack comes with the full digital version of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and a massive collection of DLC to help gamers customize their game world.
The seasonally appropriate Festive Mash-up DLC comes with a special festive-style texture pack, a festive skin pack, new music, and a “festive world”. It’s not officially a Christmas-themed DLC but with most of it consisting of Santa skins and snow textures, it’s not hard to see which specific holiday it’s drawing inspiration from.
Other DLC in the Holiday Pack include the Minecraft Fantasy, Nature, and City Texture Packs, all of which provide users with a greater variety of in-game textures to choose from when designing their world, as well as two Battle & Beasts Skin Packs which enhance the look of characters in Minecraft. The Holiday Pack also comes with the special Halo Mash-up set which includes official Halo skins, textures, and music, as well as an entire Halo-themed Minecraft world to explore.
Not included in the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack are the numerous official Star Wars skin packs that were recently released however these contained so many skins for so many of the numerous Star Wars film characters that it makes sense for them to be sold separately. Other Minecraft DLC fans may be interested in grabbing in addition to those in this Holiday Pack include the Greek mythology and Halloween packs which bring even more variety to the ever-growing game. Another option for Minecraft fans this holiday season is Minecraft: Story Mode, a Telltale Games title on Xbox 360 and Xbox One that allows players to experience a full story within the world of Minecraft and is voiced by some fantastic talent.
Will you be playing some Minecraft this holiday season? Let us know how you’ll be experiencing it in the comments below.
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