Microsoft plans for Universal Windows 10 support for Cortana on Xbox One

Kareem Anderson

Xbox Cortana

What may have seemed like a fever dream back in 2014 for Microsoft has steadily become a reality as the company continues to unify its software and services across platforms and devices. While the undertaking hasn’t been without its bumps, Microsoft is inching ever closer to having it core services, apps, and products produce similar, if not identical, user experiences across devices.

Adding to its list of cross-device experiences is Cortana on the Xbox. Even though Cortana hit Xbox One consoles last week with the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One, its appearance has been a bit more engineering spectacle versus being a useful companion.

Restricted to use in only the US and the UK for now, Cortana on the Xbox one is limited in other ways as well, including its inability to match its PC and Mobile counterparts when it comes interactions and features. However, it appears that may change for Xbox One console owners, soon.

According to Xbox’s Cortana lead Zach Johnson who spoke with Windows Central on the matter, “Microsoft’s virtual assistant will eventually be able to hook into apps on Xbox One.” While it’s not the ringing endorsement voice assisted and artificial intelligent enthusiasts may have hoped for, Cortana’s future ability to speak with apps on the Xbox One is the start to a more nuanced experience with the console.

For Xbox One owners who own still own a Kinect or don’t mind using their microphones to navigate the console, being able to bring up functions and features within apps using Cortana could be huge and just another reason to entice people to use the service on their PCs or mobile devices. Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to using Cortana on your Xbox One.