Microsoft publishes new Accessibility documents for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Mark Coppock

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

Windows 10 offers a number of enhancements to users, from security to added features to improved machine intelligence by way of Cortana. One specific area where Microsoft focused efforts on making Windows 10 shine is accessibility, meaning the application of user interface elements and various technologies to make the operating system fully accessible to all users.

Yesterday, Microsoft published a number of documents outlining how the Anniversary Update further improves Windows 10 accessibility. Here’s a list of the accessibility documents:

In addition, Microsoft also has resources available for developers who want to make sure their apps are as accessible as possible:

As always, Microsoft welcomes your feedback, and you can let them know what you think about Windows 10 accessibility at User Voice. Let us know in the comments if you think Windows 10 offers accessibility advantages.