Microsoft Outlook will soon let users collaborate in emails using Loop component

Kevin Okemwa

Loop component was launched in Microsoft Teams back in 2021 to create a new way for users to think, plan, and create together. Where users can send out a component on the platform, then everyone in the chat can edit inline and changes will be visible immediately.

The same feature tagged 93234 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap is expected to reach general availability for Outlook on the Web and Windows desktop in November rather than September as earlier indicated. It should have reached complete wide availability by late December, not late September.

Loop components in Outlook

By simply inserting a Loop component via the toolbar or copying and pasting components between email and Teams chats, users will be able to collaborate, edit the content inline and see the changes made in real-time. It is similar to the approach used in Microsoft Teams.

However, does not support eDiscovery workflows. Therefore, you should consider turning it off if your organization makes use of them because it is enabled by default.