Microsoft Outlook now allows sending larger files through email via Microsoft 356 Roadmap

Devesh Beri

Microsoft has recently announced a new feature on their Microsoft 365 roadmap that directly impacts Outlook users. The feature, Feature ID 156100, is set to be rolled out in September 2023.

With this update, Outlook users can upload and share documents even when they encounter size limitations on their emails. When attempting to attach a file to an email that exceeds the maximum size limit or would push the email beyond that limit, users will receive a prompt to upload the file to OneDrive.

This is a big upgrade, but not as big as their new “single code base” version, which Microsoft discussed in a new video.

The maximum attachment size allowed on Outlook at present is 20 MB. This restriction is imposed to prevent users from sending large attachments that can slow down email servers or cause them to crash. However, this can also be problematic while sharing large files such as presentations, datasets, or videos.

Outlook users who often need to share large files will welcome the new feature that makes sharing large files much easier and more reliable. This feature will also help prevent email servers from being overloaded. The feature was added to the roadmap on August 2 and added to the “rolling out” on September 7.

The rollout will commence with General Availability as the release phase and will be available on Android platforms. This update affects Outlook users on Cloud instances, including GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD, and GCC.