Microsoft OneNote to get Copilot features in November

Devesh Beri

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OneNote is getting a new add-on in productivity with the addition of Copilot features in November. Copilot is Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant that can help you with a variety of tasks, including summarizing content, generating text, and answering questions.

OneNote’s Copilot feature helps you stay organized and prepared by taking proactive actions based on your notes. Gain deeper insights into your notes by asking comprehensive questions, generating content summaries, and requesting Copilot to create content for you.

Copilot will also help you make your writing clearer by identifying grammar and spelling errors, suggesting more concise wording, and providing feedback on the overall readability of your text.

Users can use prompts like:

  • Create: Give me ideas for a social media campaign for a new line of outdoor clothing.
  • Edit: Write a paragraph using the selected bullet points.
  • Understand: What information are we missing in the website performance metrics outline?
  • Chat: What success metrics are we measuring for the next fiscal year?

This development, identified with feature ID 180189, was added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap on October 10, 2023. Users worldwide, under the Standard Multi-Tenant cloud instance and on desktop platforms, can look forward to experiencing these new enhancements in OneNote.

The Copilot features for OneNote will be available in general availability worldwide in November 2023.