Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS with improvements for business users

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft OneDrive app icon.

Microsoft’s official OneDrive app updated on Apple’s iOS devices today with some fixes and improvements for its business users.
In addition to squashing a sign-in bug, this update, which brings the app to Version 11.10.4, also fixes some issues that were affecting notifications and sharing.

Here’s the full release notes:

Some business users were having a hard time trying to sign in. Instead of seeing an endless “still trying”, these users can now, as you’d expect, sign in.
Notifications weren’t opening the app as you’d expect. They will now take you where you’re trying to go – in productivity and in life.

For our business users, we fixed a bug in our sharing dialog where some users would get a perpetual “loading” screen. If you followed the spinner with your head, it was actually quite a nice neck workout. But we’re not an exercise app – so this has been fixed and we’ve also made some Dark Mode improvements.

We’ve updated our “Explore Microsoft Apps” page to shine in the dark (mode) and added a few new apps to the view.

The OneDrive Android app also updated today, though its update just included a fix for a similar sign-in bug.

Here’s the release notes for the Android update:

Fixed a bug that was making it difficult to sign in, made a few things a bit faster, and polished up a few surfaces. We also promise that from now on these notes will reflect the interesting and important improvements we are delivering to YOU.

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