Microsoft offers close to $300 for your Macbook or old laptop

Mark Coppock

Just in case it wasn’t clear by now, Microsoft is really, really serious about getting more people on Windows 10. They’ve made the upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.X a free one to entice fence-sitters. They’re pushing out their own halo devices to show what Windows 10 can do. And, until October 20, 2015, Microsoft is offering up some serious cash when you trade in an old MacBook or laptop for a new Windows 10 machine.
How much can you get? Well, generally, you get a little more for a MacBook than a general laptop:

Here's what you can get for your old machine.
Here’s what you can get for your old machine.

Of course, the trade-in must be in reasonably good condition, and it can’t be more than six (6) years old:
Your old machine must be in decent enough condition.
Your old machine must be in decent enough condition.

And, you have to buy a machine from a handful of specific vendors:
You can't just buy anything.
You can’t just buy anything.

The list of qualifying machines is a bit limited. Here are Dell’s, for example:
These are the Dell machines you'd want, right?
These are the Dell machines you’d want, right?

You’ll need to follow a specific process to get your money, but it’s not particularly onerous. Just make sure you hold onto your receipt when you buy your new Windows 10 machine, pack up your trade-in as directed, and you’ll get your money within 28 days from whenever Microsoft validates the deal.
Here are a few caveats, from the deal’s terms and conditions, which you’ll definitely want to review:

  • Your trade-in can’t be more than six (6) years old
  • You’ll need to start the process within 14 days of purchasing the new machine
  • You’ll need to send in your trade-in within 30 days of purchase
  • Laptops must have a minimum 11″ display and including a working battery and power supply
  • The deal is only good in the US and Canada

Interestingly, although the deal is aimed at Windows 10, purchasing a new machine running Windows 8.1 can also qualify for the trade-in offer. And, Microsoft has excluded their own Surface machines from the deal.
If you have an old machine laying around that isn’t worth more than $200 or $300 on eBay, or you just don’t want to hassle with selling it yourself, head on over and check out the details. Make sure you understand all of the terms before pulling the trigger.