Fifty nonprofit organizations worldwide chosen for monetary support from Microsoft

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft has always been one of the most active supporters and contributors to world betterment projects in the tech world, be it through third-party organizations or by itself. As part of this ongoing corporate social responsibility program, the company kickstarted a 12-month Upgrade Your World initiative where it seeks out the most prominent nonprofit organizations around the world through public voting to give monetary support, and today, a post on the Windows blog has announced 50 winners from 10 partnering countries.
Five nonprofits are chosen from each of the countries in the program, which include Australia, Japan, China, Kenya, France, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, India, and the United States. The causes of these organizations range from empowering young woman, fighting, refugees support, to tech literacy for children, environment protection and more. One notable example mentioned in the post, Edgar’s Mission in Australia, shelters more than 200 homeless people and abused animals and protected them through a fire last week.
As part of the program, each nonprofit organization will be able to draw from a $50,000 budget allocated to each partnering country for their projects, part of Microsoft’s $10 million investment. A new global partnership from October between Upgrade Your World with the Malala Fund, a global organization dedicated to helping girls around the world complete their 12-year education, was also announced.
You can share your stories and follow the news with the hashtag #UpgradeYourWorld.