Microsoft may be considering another annual Xbox show

Michael Cottuli

Old school fans of Xbox may be familiar with the X shows – often referred to as X0 events. These shows were annual celebrations of Xbox games, hardware, and culture that served as a rally for fans of Microsoft’s gaming scene to come together and get excited about the future of their console.  The X0 shows stopped back in 2013, and some fans are still looking to get that sort of experience again.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer was asked whether Microsoft may counter Sony by doing something like the Playstation Experience, which is an annual event much like the X0 events that Sony started doing a couple of years ago. Phil’s response sparked a bit of hope for those who might be rooting for the celebration’s eventual revival.

Now, there’s no official commitment here saying that the Xbox team is going to be launching these shows again – that’s maybe a bit too much to hope for at this point. That said, the fact that the head of Xbox is willing to come out and acknowledge the events in this context could very well be a big deal. With Microsoft opting out of a Gamescom conference this year to do their own FanFest, it would make sense that the Xbox team is starting to think about doing more fan-centered events.

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